Test.com is software used to build your own testing and certification solutions

Welcome to test.com, where your organization can easily and quickly author and administer training content, tests, and certifications online – with no complex technical requirements!  If you need to create a quiz or launch a certificate course for thousands of employees, this software takes away the headache and brings everything together into one system customized for you.


Clients using our online testing and certification software

Test.com is an ideal solution for the enterprise-wide training needs of clients.

New software features and program updates

Available in 22 languages

The newest release of Test.com now supports 22 languages and countries.

Our pledge

It's our pledge to provide outstanding functionality and support.

The test.com network

Test.com is hosted for most of our customers on our network of redundant, secure global data centers. If you’re new to online testing or if your test volumes are under 50,000 tests taken per year; our hosted solution is clearly our best solution for you.

Online testing, training and company news

19 years of proven leadership

2015 marks Test.com’s nineteenth anniversary. Since 1996, Test.com has evolved and proven itself as the standard in the world of building software for online testing and certification programs.

Test.com awarded a U.S. patent for its innovations.

Patent 6,513,042 was issued to Test.com, Inc.   This patent protects Test.com’s intellectual property in the area of authoring, distributing and selling tests on the Internet.